Med-aesthetic Technology Development Responds to Rise in Skin Conditions among Canadians

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Med-aesthetic Technology Development Responds to Rise in Skin Conditions among Canadians

September 23
20:28 2019

Incredible technological advancements have driven equally incredible advancements in the science of medical aesthetic technology developments and treatments. At no other time in history did consumers have such a wide range of effective and minimally or non-invasive treatment options to choose from. Thanks to this, it’s now time to reflect and look into the potential of these advancements to treat and alleviate skin conditions.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, acne, atopic dermatitis and rosacea are among the top six most common skin disorders – and they are on the rise.

Skin conditions by the numbers

Over three million Canadians suffer from rosacea, a chronic inflammatory disease which mainly affects the face. Acne is believed to affect some 5.6 million Canadians the equivalent of 20% of the entire population. Atopic dermatitis is estimated to affect at least 17% of Canadians at some point in their lives. All of these numbers put together – without taking into consideration other forms of less prevalent skin disorders and skin cancer, not only pose a major issue to the Canadian healthcare system, but they carry an immense burden and impact on quality of life.

Overall, at least some 15 million of Canadians of all ages are battling a skin condition which stops them from living their lives to the fullest.

SharpLight Canada is committed to solutions

As a med-aesthetic technology development company, the aesthetic technology and treatments offered by SharpLight are usually associated with beauty services such as hair removal or cellulite reduction, but the potential goes so much more beyond that and whilst research is ongoing, some scientific findings already exist.

One paper looking into acne treatment, has proven that the SharpLight Omnimax product has not only successfully treated cases of acne vulgaris, but also the acne scars that result from the condition. The laser treatment by SharpLight has also been shown substantially effective in reducing skin inflammation as a symptom of rosacea. All of these findings reveal an immense potential of offering patients a drug and pain-free alternative to conventional treatments.

“At SharpLight Canada, we are constantly looking for science-based opportunities to provide another treatment option to the millions of people living with debilitating skin conditions. We want to shift the belief that aesthetic workstations just work when someone wants to remove unwanted hair or contour their body. There is an immense untapped potential here and patients need to be made aware. These skin conditions have such a massive impact on people’s lives that it became an evident area we wanted to pursue”, said a SharpLight spokesperson.

About SharpLight Canada

Sharplight Canada has a strong legacy of research and development innovation in the space of non-invasive laser and light-based systems. Having been on the market since 2004, they are poised on the latest technologies and customer insights, which they leverage continuously to improve their products. They are best known for bringing high-end technologies with multi-purpose applications and treatments.

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