One of the Most Common Large Shipping Options Getting Traction in Canada

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One of the Most Common Large Shipping Options Getting Traction in Canada

September 23
20:30 2019

Moving large amounts of goods is always a challenge, whether the need is personal or commercial. However, it doesn’t have to be with the right solution in place.

Surface freight transportation represents an important part of Canada’s economy. Not only it provides jobs for some 905,000 Canadians, but it also ensures trading activities run smoothly.

Flatbed trailers sit at the very heart of oversized shipments and overall, they provide an effective alternative for freight that does not require the enclosure of a van or truck.

Thinking outside the truck

There are a number of benefits when it comes to flatbed trailer rental. On one hand, many industries already use this option for their delivery needs, including construction, auto, farming and more, as it has been shown to be the most reliable and cost-efficient option for their needs.

One of the main advantages relates to the fact that the cargo can be loaded or unloaded from all angles as well as making use of a ramp or a crane, thus allowing for a faster and more streamlined process. Additionally, there is the dimensional flexibility of the flatbed that allows for shipments of different sizes to be transported easily. However, this is not all they can do.

According to RoadLINX, a highly regarded freight trucking and international shipping company, a shift has been observed in requests with more Canadians looking to use flatbed trailers for their personal needs.

“We have noticed an increase in demand for flatbed trailer rental for personal use. This may come as a surprise for many people given usually the go-to option is hiring a moving van. But what happens when for instance someone has to transport a large number of heavy equipment such as lawn tools or even playground equipment? Flatbed transportation can be the answer when conventional vehicles just won’t do. The open deck makes it easier to load and unload and it will save anyone the hassle and financial burden of having to make endless trips back and forth”, explained a RoadLINX representative.

Hiring a flatbed trailer – a piece of cake!

Potentially one of the aspects that makes some reluctant to hire a flatbed trailer is not knowing what the rental process will entail. In a nutshell, the cargo is evaluated in terms of dimensions and weight to decide which type of flatbed is most appropriate. For example, RoadLINX offers options ranging from 8’ long to extended models up to 53’ long.

Their services also include a wide range of customizable features such as gooseneck hitch, step deck drop, and double drop to allow for a more personalized shipment setup. Last but not least, no one is expected to come up with all the answers alone which is why the company offers dedicated customer service on-hand to advise and recommend the most appropriate option for each individual case.

About RoadLINX

With a dedication to cost-effectiveness, safety and reliability, RoadLINX has grown to be more than just a transportation solution. As one of the foremost providers of top freight trucking and international shipping services, their ever-growing team of brokers, drivers and technicians prides themselves in unparalleled client support and delivery.

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