King Koating Roofing has Announced Plans To Become The One-Stop Solution For Commercial Roofing

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King Koating Roofing has Announced Plans To Become The One-Stop Solution For Commercial Roofing

September 23
20:32 2019
The leading commercial roofer in the city is expanding its services to provide clients with increased roofing and construction solutions.

King Koating Roofing, one of the oldest and most respected names in commercial roofing, plans to expand their already large repertoire of services to include flat roof repair and a new roof management program.

“We have been in this business since 1998 and are a name that the city knows and trusts,” said King Koating Roofing spokesperson. “I trust that these new expansions will take us to the next level.”

“Everyone in the city remembers the horrible snowstorm we had last winter; I know I sure do,” stated a local resident. “My old roof couldn’t withstand the weight of the snow. King Koating Roofing quickly sent their staff here, and they did an emergency repair. They later came and replaced the entire portion of my roof. I’m not worried about the snow this year.”

A recent innovation at King Koating Roofing has been the development of The Roof Management Program (RMP). It allows clients to monitor and maintain any type of roof system through annual maintenance inspections and comprehensive reports. RMP is conveniently available online and aids clients with cost planning, maintenance and replacement budgeting.

King Koating Roofing is not just a residential company that takes on commercial projects. Instead, King Koating Roofing is well-known in the commercial roofing business, specializing in industrial roofing projects, such as commercial roofing repair, installation, and services.

King Koating Roofing is an industry leader in commercial elastomeric roof coating and commercial single-ply roofing systems. They also specialize in metal roofing, which is believed to offer the best durability, protection, and longevity in roofing options.

King Koating Roofing are also industry experts in flat roof repair, making sure that installation goes as smoothly as possible. Each flat roof system is matched to the building’s other elements – design, cost, intended use.

Other services include emergency roofing repair, preventative maintenance, and roof reconstructions, which are available 24 hour a day. Both reconstructed and brand-new roofs can be waterproofed as well.

The already experienced contractors at King Koating Roofing are continually updating their skills and attending varied training sessions. Each client is treated as an individual and projects are based upon specific needs. “Most contractors talk at me, rather than to me”, stated a local resident. “They assume that I know nothing about my own home. King Koating Roofing treated me respectfully.”

King Koating Roofing may be contacted for free quotes through the phone or through “Request Call Back” on their online request form.

About King Koating Roofing

Founded in 1988, King Koating Roofing has long been considered the city’s premier provider of roofing and roofing-related services. With over 20 years experience, King Koating Roofing handles various projects 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Located just north of the city and serving the downtown core, along with the outlying suburbs, including Mississauga, King Koating Roofing offers friendly and professional service.

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